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refractories WORLDFORUM is the most comprehensive technical and scientific journal for the entire refractories sector. Technology, development and application of high-temperature materials are the focus. refractories WORLDFORUM updates its readers on state-of-the-art processes and innovative technologies for the following sectors: 

  • iron and steel
  • non-ferrous metals and aluminium
  • cement, lime, glass and ceramics
  • foundry and power generation
  • petrochemical and waste incineration

refractories WORLDFORUM addresses refractories professionals worldwide, i.e. in the production of refractories as well as in industries processing and consuming refractories, raw materials and additives, plant and machine suppliers. Each issue also features market analyses of selected countries, company profiles and interviews with manufacturers and suppliers, reports on new and upgraded plants as well as news items on companies, people, products, events. 

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News and Latest Articles

Company News, General, Global News

LKAB Selects ENERGIRON® for its Demonstration Plant in Northern Sweden for Hydrogen-based Steelmaking

The ENERGIRON® technology, jointly developed by Tenova and Danieli/IT, has been chosen by LKAB, an international mining and minerals group that offers sustainable iron ore, minerals, and special products, for...

General, Global News

Refractories Manufacturer RATH: Strategic Growth in Future Market Asia

RATH Group/AT acquires 33 % stake in Avanee Refsol India as part of its Evolution 2030+ strategic growth plan. Production is being set up in Visakhapatnam (state of Andhra Pradesh)...

Iron and Steel, Technologies & Materials

Comparison of the Hazardous Waste Slag Corrosion Resistance of SioxX-Zero and Cement-Bonded Al2O3–Cr2O3 Castables

Al2O3–Cr2O3 castables are one of the important refractories for hazardous waste incinerators. In this work, the hazardous waste slag corrosion resistance of Calcium Aluminate Cement (CAC) and SioxXZero bonded Al2O3–Cr2O3...

Laboratory Equipment, Technologies & Materials

Evaluation of Test Methods for Refractory Bricks: A Comparison and Validity Study of some Cold Crushing Strength Standards

Following Part 1 of this publication series which dealt with the procedure and the determination of precision of Cold Crushing Strength (CCS) data on several refractory brick grades, part 2...

Iron and Steel, Technologies & Materials

Microstructural and Microscopic Investigations of MgO–C Bricks – Relationships between Gas Permeability and Apparent Porosity or Pore Size by Controlling Relative Density

Changes in pore morphology from measurements of gas permeability, apparent porosity and pore size distribution of MgO–C bricks with controlled relative density were investigated. When the apparent porosity of the...

Materials/ Additives/ Mixes, Technologies & Materials

Three Decades of Alphabond 300: An Overview of its Technical Advantages

Alphabond 300 has been used in many applications since it was developed three decades ago. In this paper an overview is presented of the different technical advantages for applications where...