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Company Profile

  • 8 PCO – Refractory Materials that Keep the Heat Under Control


  • 10 The Bright World of Metals – GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST – Reinforced its Position as an International Leader
  • 12 The FIRE Compendium Series of Books to Match the Industrial and Educational Needs in Refractory Engineering
  • 20 International Conference of Refractory Makers and Metallurgists in Moscow
  • 25 ECerS Summer School
  • 27 Refractories in the Global Incineration Industry

Markets & Economy

  • 33 China Continues to Dominate Refractories Despite a Slowing Steel Industry

Technology Trends

  • 37 HYBRID Technology – Advance for Sol-Gel Bonded Refractory Concrete
  • 44 Post-Mortem Investigation of a Steel Ladle Repair Mix Containing Porous Calcium Magnesium Aluminate Aggregates
  • 51 Investigation of the Tendency for Failure of Refractory Castables in the Wear Lining of a Steel Ladle Using Elongated or Cubic Shaped Tabular Alumina
  • 59 Correlation between the Steel Quality and the Mould Fluid Flow Characteristics Induced by the GYRONOZZLE
  • 62 Drying Behaviour and Explosion Resistance of No-Cement Refractory Castables
  • 67 Refractory Materials Used for the Investment Casting Process and their Influence on Ceramic Shell Properties


  • 73 Impact of Melt Phase Formation on the High-Temperature Behaviour of MgO–CMA–C Refractories
  • 78 Numerical Simulation and Experimental Set-up for Predicting the Drying Behavior of Calcium Aluminate Cement (CAC)-Bonded Refractory Castables

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