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Global News

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  •  8 How to Pave the Way with Strategies from Refractory Suppliers for a Low-Carbon Future of their User Industries?

Technology News

  • 11 Phenol-Free Refractory Lining – Another Innovation for Better Workplace and Environment
  • 13 Rise Above Downtime: Three Ways Suspended Platforms Increase Efficiency for Vertical Vessel Maintenance
  • 15 Refractories Testing and the Significance of Chemical and Physical Characteristics


  • 19 Promotion and Support of Refractory Science and Engineering
  • 28 Virtual Refractory Minerals Forum 2021

Technology Trends

  • 33 Viscosity Changes of an Alumina Based Castable during Mixing and the Effect of Bimodal Reactive Aluminas
  • 38 Formation of Hexa-Aluminate Solid Solution Phases in Spinel Containing Castables – Mineralogical Investigations in the System CaO–Al2O3–MgO
  • 45 Study of Lime Kiln Refractory Failure Solution
  • 50 Setting Properties of Refractory Castables: Influence of Impurities on Coagulation and Hydration – A Case Study Based on the Addition of Traces of MgCl2
  • 59 Improved Explosion Resistance of Low Cement Refractory Castables
  • 67 Purification and Densification of High Purity Sintered Magnesia from Natural Magnesite in China

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