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Global News

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Company Profile

  •    10 Why are Global Refractory Consumers Now Looking at India for Their Refractory Needs

Technology News

  •  12 Understanding CO-Bursting: the Possibilities of Thermogravimetrical Measurements
  •  14Refractory Anchoring Solution for Refractory Anchoring Solution for Cement Manufacturing Plants


  • 17 4th Freiberg Refractories Symposium Development of Refractory Materials – Sustainable Use of Necessary/Available Resources
  • 22 REFRA Prague 2022
  • 27 Technical Association of Refractories, Japan – TARJ: 75th Annual Meeting Combined with the 34th Annual Technical Conference
  • 33 GMTN – GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST 2023: Transformation Pathways to a Climate-Neutral Metal Industry


  • 38 Design of Monolithic Refractory Linings: Part 2

Technology Trends

  • 47 H2-Change: Refractory Technologies to Master the Challenge of H2 Atmospheres
  • 53 Comparison of Homogenous and Heterogenous Reaction Paths for the Synthesis of Aluminum Metaphosphates
  • 57 Study on Chrome-Free Purging Plug for Steel Ladles
  • 64 Optimization of Dry-Out Behaviour of MgO Castables


  • 70 Advanced Thoughts on the Infiltration of Ceramic Porous Plugs by Liquid Steel
  • 76Drying of Refractory Castables – How Complex does the Modelling Need to Be? A Numerical and Experimental Study

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