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Brad Cramer, Chief Legal Officer, Promoted at HarbisonWalker International

The Board of Directors of HarbisonWalker International (HWI), the largest supplier of refractory products and services products in North America, has promoted Brad Cramer to Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary, and Chief Compliance Officer. Brad Cramer previously held these roles as Vice President, and will continue providing advice and counsel to HWI's Executive Management and Board of Directors while overseeing all legal and compliance matters for HWI's domestic and international locations.

NextChem and Paul Wurth Join Forces to Develop Innovative Low-carbon Solutions for the Steel Industry

Maire Tecnimont Group's subsidiary NextChem/IT, and Paul Wurth/DE, a company of the SMS Group and leading technology provider for the steel industry, will join forces to promote the combined use of electrolysis and syngas production in the iron and steel industry. The cooperation between NextChem and Paul Wurth is aimed at developing an advanced technological solution to convert natural gas into synthesis gas, known as syngas, to be used during iron ore reduction. The utilisation of syngas (a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen) allows for the decrease in the portion of fossil fuels required, thus reducing CO2-emissions in steel production process. 

Refractory Company in Taiwan Uses Mixing Technology from EIRICH for the Preparation of Unshaped Refractory Mixes

There are a large number of companies worldwide that manufacture refractory products and offer kiln linings, e.g. for the production of aluminum, iron and steel, glass, ceramics or cement. Standards distinguish between "shaped products" (bricks) and "unshaped products" (which include castables and also ramming mixes or plastic mixes). Brick production has been steadily declining for decades, while unshaped refractory mixes production is on the rise. And the mixes are becoming more and more demanding. For the preparation of dry mixes based on alumina as well as magnesia, HSIN LIAN HSIN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD, Taiwan, has chosen the best available mixing technology -– EIRICH, Germany.

ACerS Honoured University of Mining Freiberg with the Alfred W. Allen Award

The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) honoured end of March 2021 the outstanding scientific contribution of the publication „On the Nonlinear Behavior of Young’s Modulus of Carbon-Bonded Alumina at High Temperatures“. The international Freiberg research team of the CRC 920 “Multi-Functional Filters for Metal Melt Filtration – A Contribution towards Zero Defect Materials” published the paper in 2018 in the organization's journal. Authors and winners of the award are Dr Bruno Luchini, Dr Jörn Grabenhorst and Dr Jens Fruhstorfer, as well as Prof. Dr Victor Pandolfelli, Mercator Professor at TU Bergakademie Freiberg/DE, and Prof. Dr Christos G. Aneziris, holder of the Professorship of Ceramics, Refractories and Metal-Ceramic Composites at TU Bergakademie Freiberg. Every two years, the Award Committee reviews scientific articles in the field of refractory ceramics and evaluates them based on their content and impact on current research.

Elkem Establishes Vianode as a New Company and Brand Dedicated to Strategic Growth Opportunities for Advanced Battery Materials

Elkem/NO has successfully commissioned its industrial pilot for battery materials in Kristiansand/NO starting industrial scale pilot production for customers. As the next step towards large-scale production, Elkem is now establishing Vianode as a new company and brand dedicated to develop and produce sustainable and high-quality active anode materials to meet the needs of the exponentially growing electric vehicles marketplace.



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