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Alfred W. Allen Award 2018

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Award of the American Ceramic Society “Alfred W. Allen Award 2018” was presented on 28 March 2019 in St Louis/US to Prof. Jacques Poirier, Polytech. Orleans/FR, together with Associate Prof. Emmanuel de Bilbao, IUT Mechanical Engineering – University of Orleans for the best article published in 2017–2018.

This collective paper “New Advances in the Laboratory Characterisations of Refrac­tories: Testing and Modelling”, published by J. Poirier, E. de Bilbao, E. Blond, J. Gillibert,
M. Boussuge, Y. Zhang, D. Ryckelynk, G. Dusserre, T. Cutard, and P. Leplay in Me­tallurgical Research &. Technology 114 (2017) [6] 610, attests to the excellence of French research in the field of refractory cer­amics which is positioned at an inter­national level.