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ceramitec conference 2021: High-Temperature Technologies

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Initially the ceramitec conference + exhibition was announced for 22–23 June 2021. But end of April, the organizing committee decided to approach all active participants to shift the date to 15–16 September 2021 to get more visitors to come to Munich/DE. Working together with Fraunhofer HTL/DE, IAPK/DE and the Expert Group CIM/DE as partners, CERAMIC APPLICATIONS will organise a two-track conference in FORUM 1 and FORUM 2, which will be complemented by AM Ceramics organised by Lithoz/AT in FORUM 3.
Under the umbrella of Fraunhofer HTL sessions on Thermoprocessing Equipment, High-Temperature Materials and Process Innovations have been organized.

An extract of the program is given here:

Clean and Green – Opportunities and Challenges for Industrial Kiln Construction in a Post-COVID Era

Andreas Hajduk, Sales Manager Technical Ceramics, Riedhammer GmbH/DE


Debinding and Sintering under Advanced Atmospheres

Heinz-Jürgen Blüm, Managing Director, MUT Advanced Heating GmbH/DE


Using Hydrogen in Ceramic Industry Kilns – H2 Hybrid Kilns Gaining Ground?

Hartmut Weber, Vice President Sales, CREMER Thermoprozessanlagen GmbH/DE


Oxide/Oxide Ceramic Matrix Composites – Replacement Possibility for Metallic Alloys at High Temperatures

Walter Pritzkow, Managing Director, Keramikblech/DE


New Refractory Materials and Concepts for the Reduction of CO2-Emissions of High-Temperature Processed

Dr Rainer Gaebel, Managing Director, Refratechnik Holding GmbH/DE


Upscaling Processes for Advanced Ceramics from Laboratory into Industrial Production

Axel Weiand, Vice President New Business, Onejoon GmbH/DE


EnerViT – Energy-Efficient Kiln Plants between Present and Future

Thomas Alten, Managing Director, Keramischer OFENBAU GmbH/DE


Debinding and Sintering Optimization via Apps

Dr Holger Friedrich, Senior Scientist, Fraunhofer HTL/DE


Energy Efficiency in Practice

Frank Veitengruber, Project Engineer, Forschungsgesellschaft für Energiewirtschaft mbH/DE