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Cofermin with New Management Team

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

The founding partners of the international marketing and distribution group Cofermin/DE for speciality raw materials have made way for a new generation of senior management to take the group forward for at least another two decades or more of success. From the 1 January 2021 all four founding partners of Cofermin (Ralf Ossen, Dr Pawel Golak, Bernhard Krüger and Tim Geldmacher) moved onto the Group’s newly established Supervisory Board.

Their managerial responsibilities and duties have been transferred to their successors, the new management team comprising: Bettina Bohnen (Commercial & Risk Management, HR and Organisation), Michael Neeb (Operations, Sales and IT), Andreas Pabst (Strategy, Business Development and Marketing), as Managing Directors, and Jens Massenberg, as the Group’s Chief Financial Officer (Finance, Controlling and Compliance).

Cofermin commented: “Managing a smooth generation change is probably one of the most important challenges a mature company can face. The decision of who will lead the organisation into the future is key to its continuing success. For us at Cofermin Group, it was highly important to ensure a new and fresh approach to future challenges and opportunities, whilst preserving the DNA that has been at the core of our organisation and a major pillar of our positive development in the past.”