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Lucchini Industries Steel Plant Uses Gunning Manipulator from VELCO

Friday, October 08, 2021

Lucchini Industries Steel Plant in Lovere/IT is using a new gunning manipulator at their electric arc furnace. It was supplied and installed by VELCO/DE and their Italian partner Sidertrading.

The gunning manipulator PNEUTOP is parking close to the furnace in a special structure. For the gunning repair, the gunning manipulator is picked up by the overhead crane and lowered from the top into the furnace. The PNEUTOP is connected to a pressure vessel machine, which is feeding the manipulator and placed approx. 40 m away. The refractory gunning material is supplied in big bags that are filled into the pressure vessel via a filling hopper. Via a radio remote control the operator moves the lance to the desired location, starts and stops the pressure vessel machine and controls the gunning water flow. Using the gunning manipulator the repair is quicker and the operational safety is improved.