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Imerys to Increase Prices for the Refractory Market Effective 1 January 2022

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

For the last 18 months, the global supply chain crisis has created unique challenges across the manufacturing landscape globally. All industries have faced extraordinary events regarding raw material availability and supply. Accelerating over the lastest months, a host of market conditions have worsened, including most recently the force majeure events of key suppliers of Aaumina and zircon sand. These in combination have led to unprecedented cost pressures across logistics, raw material inputs, energy, packaging and chemicals.

Whilst Imerys uses its manufacturing and purchasing excellence to partly mitigate impacts and absorb some costs internally when possible, inflation pressures are so high that the company is  forced to reflect this in its pricing policy in order to be able to sustainably serve its customers and continue to invest in its mines and plants.

Given these exceptional circumstances and in order to continue to meet its customers expectations, Imerys will pursue the implementation of double digit price increases for 2022 on all products sold in the refractory markets ranging up to 30 % for some products. In addition, this will be accompanied by short term energy and logistic surcharges applicable on specific plants and product lines immediately. Actual increase will vary depending on the different grades, current Incoterms as well as contractual agreements. Customers should reach out to their usual sales contact for more information.