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Theodor Haase Award 2021 for Serhii Yaroshevskyi

Thursday, February 24, 2022

For his master thesis Development of Steel, Ceramic and Refractory Composite Filamwents, M. Sc. Serhii Yaroshevskyi (TU Bergakademie Freiberg/DE) received in December 2021 the Theodor Haase Award.

A comprehensive binder-plasticizer system on the basis of ceramic filaments was designed. The suitable extrusion parameters have been found. Filaments were produced and underwent DSC/TG analysis. Results of this analysis were used for designing full thermal treatment route for 3D printed final bodies.
Demonstrator nozzles were 3D printed by Xerion Berlin Laboratories GmbH/DE. Advantageous debinding and sintering routes for such nozzles were elaborated with the help of additional thermal treatment test conducted in hot stage microscope and thermal analysis of filaments. These routes were successfully applied to 3D printed nozzles of different materials. Furthermore, the adaptation of elaborated technology to the metal and metal-ceramic composite materials is planned for the ongoing research.