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Snam and Tenova Initiate a Collaboration to Decarbonize the Metals Industry

Thursday, February 24, 2022

An agreement to foster the decarbonization of the metals sector in Italy and abroad: Snam/IT, Europe’s largest energy infrastructure operator, and Tenova/IT, leading developer and provider of sustainable solutions for the green transition of the metals industry, committed to conducting joint strategic studies and market analysis to implement specific infrastructure and metals production systems by using green hydrogen.

The aim is to bring integrated, turnkey commercial solutions tested in industrial plants to implement a substantial reduction of CO2 and NOx emissions in the metals production process – from melting to processing of half-processed products.

Snam will provide its expertise in hydrogen technologies as well as transport, whereas Tenova will contribute through its know-how in this sector, more specifically in combustion systems for reheating and heating treatment, and in electric arc furnaces. The collaboration between the two companies will develop through specific tests in the laboratory under construction at Tenova’s headquarters (in Castellanza, Varese/IT), and through installations and production tests on industrial sites.

Tenova’s combustion systems, a key part of the agreement with Snam, represent an extremely innovative solution and unique on the market. First, they enable CO2 emissions reduction in a scalable and flexible fashion: once installed, these systems can work through a blend of natural gas and hydrogen in variable percentages, up to 100 % of hydrogen, whereby maintaining emissions well below the most restrictive limits. Furthermore, they can be integrated with advanced 4.0 technologies, offering significant advantages in terms of management and maintenance, thanks to Tenova’s digital infrastructure. Through its know-how on hydrogen technologies and transportation, Snam will be able to secure an optimized integration across the entire value chain, thus meeting this industry’s needs.