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Summer School on ECO-Design of Refractories

Wednesday, June 08, 2022

ECO-design of refractories; E for Ecological, Economic, Eco-energetic will be organized from 28–30 June in Aachen/DE, under the aegis of the European Ceramic Society (ECerS) and the Refractory Research and Education (FIRE). This event, open to all: students, PhD students, researchers, young engineers and technicians, experts, etc. is planned both face-to-face and virtual. The courses will be given by 21 international experts, academics and industry (in equal proportion). 


Refresher of basic knowledge: Raw materials, Shaped refractories, Monolithic refractories : LCC, ULCC, NCC
The Fundamentals – Corrosion and thermomechanics: Thermodynamic and kinetics, Reactive transportation, Fracture and creep
Industrial and economic needs: Refractory values in use, How to innovate ?
Future challenges for refractories: Sensors, instrumentation and refractory needs; Challenges for data mining and machine learning in the refractory industry and end-users; Circular economy
Refractories for steel making: Critical wear factors and optimum choice, Improvement of steel cleanliness
Visit of Tata Steel Plant including presentations: The new face of the steel industry, management and production of iron by H2 – consequences for refractories

12 grants are awarded to students so that they can follow this school. See terms and conditions on: SCHOOL/d,ceramic_details_conferences