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Research Project ReSoURCE Strives to Reduce Europe’s CO2 Emissions Significantly

Sunday, September 18, 2022

A research project, funded by the European Union, targets the recycling process in the refractory industry. The international initiative, which is part of the Horizon program, could help decreasing CO2 emissions in the refractory industry up to 800 000 t/a. It is a challenging endeavor that the eight research partners under of RHI Magnesita/AT have taken on.

With high end technologies and the combined knowledge from geology, laser technology, and hyperspectral imaging – just to name a few – the researchers from five countries are seeking to solve one of the bigger issues in regard to Europe’s carbon footprint. And they do so by focusing on recycling of fire-resistant industrial products. On average, 60 % of all spent refractories, generated by refractory-consuming industries, go to landfill, while only 30 % is recycled. With the ReSoURCE project the aim is to increase it up to 75 %. The ReSoURCE project goal is the development of a working sensor-based system for refractory waste sorting and powder handling. If the project is successful, it will enable the robust engineering of an automated sorting equipment that will increase the recycling of refractory breakout material from the current estimate of 7–30 % (plus 10 % of downcycling) to a total 80 %. With approximately 28 Mt of used refractories generated annually, the ecological and societal benefits will be considerable.

The project is funded by the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) in the Horizon Europe Framework program.