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Tandem Professorship at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences Master‘s Degree Refractory Engineering

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

The German refractory industry is a world leader in product quality and in the application areas of high-temperature processes. The processing of refractory materials is of particular importance. That is why the German refractory industry is supporting the establishment of a professorship Refractory Engineering“ as an industrial partner. Dr Amin El Gammal has been appointed on the tandem professorship.

This collaboration between the Koblenz University and the refractory industry will be connected at the Westerwald-Campus and organised by ECREF gGmbH. The development of the international master‘s degree program Refractory Engineering is aimed in particular at international bachelor‘s graduates in materials science or civil engineering who are about to or after starting their business careers. The content will be divided into the three areas of Refractory Engineering, Refractory Materials and Services. Aspects such as building law, construction site management or approval procedures are also dealt with in the curriculum. Companies in the refractory industry and construction are involved in the establishment and expansion of the tandem professorship and the connection to practice.