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MIRECO: Secondary Refractory Raw Materials Platform in Europe

Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Together with Horn & Co. Group/DE, RHI Magnesita/AT launched in autumn 2022 MIRECO – a leading secondary refractory raw materials platform in Europe. The new team has also launched a new recycling centre in Austria. At the heart of MIRECO is the concept CERO (Continuous Economic Recycling Optimization) Waste, a customised concept that uses circular economy to enable the use of high-quality recycled raw materials and prevent expensive and environmentally harmful landfill as far as possible.

Nenad Tanasic, CEO of MIRECO and Managing Director of Horn & Co. Group said: “We offer our customers to produce a high-quality raw material from their supposed waste product – the used refractory brick – which in turn is an important building block for other players in the industry. MIRECO achieves this by offering everything from waste management to recycling, production and sales of refractory bricks – all from a single source.”

MIRECO also benefits from the extensive research and development activities of RHI Magnesita, which primarily invests in the further development of recycling. MIRECO has set itself the goal of processing more than 160 000 t of material already in its first year of existence, which means a CO2 saving of more than 300 000 t – as much as more than 17 million mature trees would have to compensate annually. For this purpose, there are 7 recycling plants throughout Europe (Germany, Austria, Sweden and Poland) with a total of 150 employees. MIRECO already serves over 100 customers in all European countries. In the future, MIRECO's recycling business will be expanded to other countries too. As part of the EU Horizon program, this group of experts became the lead of the project ReSoURCE, aimed to innovate the full process chain of refractory recycling.