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GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST 2023 as a Strong Platform for the Energy-Intensive Metallurgical Industry Offers a Strong Framework Program

Thursday, April 27, 2023

From 12–16 June 2023, Dusseldorf/DE will become the centre for the international casting and metallurgical industries: the world’s leading trade fairs GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST, which are held every four years and together cover the complete spectrum of foundry technology, castings, metallurgy and thermoprocess technology, are particularly in demand in the energy-intensive sectors this year as current challenges fuel digitalisation in the metal technology sector and its search for sustainable and forward-looking solutions. More than 2000 exhibitors from over 50 countries will pick up global trends and showcase the complete spectrum of current technologies and products in twelve exhibition halls. The Hot Topics of the Bright World of Metals read: decarbonisation of the metallurgical industry, ecoMetals, circular economy, digitalisation, Additive Manufacturing processes as well as e-mobility and lightweight automotive construction.

Clear hall segmentation

To improve orientation, the halls are segmented by trade fairs and focal ranges, thereby providing a comprehensive and optimum market overview:

GIFA Halls 10–11: Pressure Die Casting and Periphery
GIFA Hall 12: Gating and Riser Technology, Foundry Chemistry
GIFA Hall 13: Additive Manufacturing, Special Show “Technik in Guss”, GIFA-Treff, GIFA-Forum
GIFA Halls 15–17: Pattern, Die and Core Making, Casting Machines and Equipment
GIFA Hall 16: Robotics
METEC Hall 1: Forging Technology
METEC Halls 1 + 4 + 5: Plant Engineering
METEC Hall 5: Components and Raw Material Suppliers
THERMPROCESS Hall 9: FOGI Special Show
NEWCAST Halls 13–14: with NEWCAST-Forum in Hall 13


ecoMetals – the path into the future

Forming an integral part of the Bright World of Metals since 2011, Messe Düsseldorf’s ecoMetals Campaign will be a special highlight of the trade fair quartet. As an initiative promoting sustainability, it refers to the ecological path of the casting and metallurgical industries and promotes exhibiting companies that invest in innovative, sustainable and economically competitive technologies. Trade visitors can identify the eco-conscious innovations by the ecoMetals logo displayed at exhibition stands and on the online portal. At GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST visitors will be directed to the selected exhibitors by complimentary daily guided tours – the ecoMetals Trails. With new technologies, new processes for reducing and avoiding CO2, with the increased use of renewable energies and hydrogen instead of coal, The Bright World of Metals is on a green path to a climate-neutral future. At the ecoMetals Forum in Hall 9 the key transformation themes in the metal industry will be addressed on 15 and 16 June 2023, respectively.  

Trade fair and side events as if “cast in one mould”

The success of the trade fairs is also owed to the line-up of technical events, the Special Shows and industry get-togethers. Of note here are:

GIFA Forums, 12–13 June 2023; Hall 13, Stand D07
Gießer-Treff (Foundrymen’s Meeting Point), 12–16 June 2023; Hall 13, Stand C39
Young Talents’ Programme with Show Foundry, 12–16 June 2023; Hall 13, Stands E50 + F52
Young talents’ initiative Metals4you, 12–16 June 2023; Hall 16
Institutenschau (Institutes’ Show), 12–16 June 2023; Hall 13, Stand C17
ESTAD (European Steel Technology and Application Days), 12–16 June 2023; CCD Süd
EMC (European Metallurgical Conference), 11–14 June 2023; CCD Süd
FOGI Special Show, 12–16 June 2023; Hall 9, Stand C42
Themed Day Energy Transition, 12 June 2023; Hall 9, Stand D74
THERMPROCESS FORUM, 13–14 June 2023; Hall 9, Stand D74
VDMA TechTALK, 15 June 2023; Hall 9, Stand D74
ecoMetals Forum, 15–16 June 2023; Hall 9, Stand D74
DGFS Meeting, 12 June 2023; Room X
NEWCAST-Forum, 14 June 2023; Hall 13, Stand D07
NEWCAST-Award, Award Ceremony on 14 June 2023; Hall 13, Stand D07
CAEF-Forum, 15 June 2023; Hall 13, Stand C49
Presentation of the Innovation Award of the German Foundry Industry, 15 June 2023; Hall 13, Stand D07
WFO-Forum, 15 June 2023; Hall 13, Stand D07
Foundry History Colloquium, 16 June 2023; Hall 13, Stand D07
Technik in Guss (Technology in Casting), 12–16 June 2023; Hall 13, Stand C27
BDG/FVG/VDG General Assemblies, 15 June 2023