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Shinagawa Refractories Entered into a Know-How License Agreement with Dalmia Bharat Refractories of India

Shinagawa Refractories/JP, a leading global supplier of refractory solutions, announced that it has entered into a Know-How License Agreement for certain refractory products and services with Dalmia Bharat Refractories/IN, one of the most prestigious and well-respected refractory producers in India.

Refractories: Strategy Consolidated – Industry Association on Course for Further Growth

WEERULIN GmbH, COFERMIN Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG and MAYERTON Refractories join DFFI (Deutsche Feuerfest-Industrie e. V.) – German Refractories Association.

Further Cost Increases for Alumina Products

Since fall 2021, the European alumina industry has been facing significant and continuous increases in its production costs. Natural gas and electricity triplicating prices led to a first cost pass-through. The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation and the sanctions imposed to Russia has pushed further the energy prices amid a tightening of gas supply.
In the meantime, other raw materials have increased significantly, and inflation have reached high rates in all countries since decades. Those factors led to another cost past-through during spring. In the past weeks, the situation has worsened.

Calucem Plans an USD 35 Million Investment in a New CAC Cement Plant in USA – the 1st Investment by Cementos Molins in USA

Specialty cement manufacturer Calucem will enhance the presence in the US market by developing a manufacturing facility in New Orleans with an investment amounting to USD 35 million. Calucem, a subsidiary of Cementos Molins, is the world’s second-largest producer of Calcium Aluminate Cement (CAC), a high-performance product applied in a variety of commercial and industrial uses. The project will create 70 direct jobs and the Louisiana Economic Development estimates the project also will result in 158 indirect jobs, for a total of 228 new jobs for Louisiana’s Southeast Region.

14th IREFCON 2022

2020 marked the beginning of a decade which is likely to see refractory growth in India at a speed and scale never witnessed before. Various industry estimates peg the refractory market in India to reach 4 Mt by 2030. Not surprising since the Indian steel manufacturing industry alone has set itself a target of 300 Mt of production by 2030. Considering 75 % of refractory consumption in India is accounted for by steel, adding cement, glass and manufacturing of other non-ferrous metals to the mix suddenly makes the prospect of a 4-Mt-refractory-market look very real and reasonable.



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