Alcoa Corporation Launches as an Independent Industry Leader in Bauxite, Alumina and Aluminum Products

Alcoa Corporation announced that it has completed the separation from its parent company Alcoa Inc. (now named Arconic Inc.) and has begun operating as an independent, publicly-traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “AA.” Alcoa Corporation is a globally cost-competitive industry leader in bauxite, alumina and aluminum products, positioned to succeed throughout the market cycle.

Strength across the aluminum value chain
Alcoa has an industry-leading, cost-competitive portfolio comprised of six businesses across the aluminum value chain – Bauxite, Alumina, Aluminum, Cast Products, Rolled Products and Energy –that are positioned to succeed throughout the market cycle. The company’s footprint includes 25 manufacturing facilities worldwide, and approximately 16 000 employees.
Alcoa’s world-class asset base includes:
• The world’s largest bauxite mining portfolio, with 45,3 Mt bone dry of production in 2015, and access to large bauxite mining deposits with mining rights that extend in most cases more than 20 years;
• The world’s largest alumina producer, with 9 refineries on 5 continents;
• A newly optimized smelting portfolio well-positioned to benefit from improved future market conditions;
• Casthouses offering differentiated, value-added aluminum products alloyed and cast into specific shapes to meet customer demand;
• Rolling mill operations in Warrick, Indiana, and Ras Al Khair, Saudi Arabia to serve the North American aluminum can sheet market;
• A portfolio of energy assets of which approximately 55 %is low-cost hydroelectric power to meet in-house energy requirements at the lowest possible cost, and to sell to external customers.
Alcoa projects global aluminum demand growth of 5 % in 2016 and expects growth to double between 2010– 2020. Alcoa Corporation is well-positioned to meet this robust demand.


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