Successful Start-up of a Float Glass Line at Düzce Cam

Fives/BE, successfully started a new complete float glass line with a melting capacity of 800t/d to produce a glass thickness of 3 –10 mm for the Turkish glassmaker Düzce Cam. The start-up took place as planned on November 2016 at the Düzce site, some 220 km from Istanbul.

The new float glass line incorporates the latest melting technologies, in compliance with quality, output and energy performance objectives, for the production of both residential and automotive glass.?The major asset of this new float glass line is Fives proprietary furnace technology with ultra-low energy consumption Prium*Melt Float L.E.M. (Low Energy Melter). Thanks to its geometry, the furnace makes it possible to save up to 20 % energy compared to conventional technologies. The furnace is also equipped with a comprehensive digital control system and smart software for production optimization providing a comprehensive vision of the glassmaking process.

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