Restart of Float Glass Line in Europe

The NSG Group/JP has decided to restart a suspended architectural glass float line at the site of ist wholly-owned subsidiary in Venice/IT (Venice Line) in the 3rd quarter of 2018. With process modifications associated with the restart, the Venice Line will become capable of producing VA (value-added) products.

By restarting the Venice Line, the NSG Group intends to ensure the stable supply of architectural glass in response to a robust market demand in Europe, in view of the planned cold repairs of the Group’s operating float glass lines in Europe in the coming years, as well as to drive the Group’s shift to a higher value-added sales ratio. An exceptional credit of approximately JPY 2 billion is to be recognized in the fourth quarter of 2017, mainly due to the reversal of exceptional costs such as impairment of non-current assets recorded in the past. The impact on the year-end forecast of 2017 is under review, and if necessary, we will make a disclosure in a timely manner.

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