Dr Andreas Buhr Received the Theodore J. Planje – St. Louis Refractories Award

The Theodore J. Planje – St. Louis Refractories Award is presented annually “for the purpose of recognizing and honouring distinguished achievement in the refractories field.” Dr Buhr was honoured to join this select group of refractory leadership this past March, at the 53rd Annual Symposium on Refractories, St. Louis Section.

The 2017 Planje Award recognizes Dr Buhr for his important achievements in the research of high alumina refractories and for developing the best alumina refractory solutions for customers’ challenging high temperature environments. Dr Buhr brings strong leadership to Almatis’ product development and technical application support with teams in Europe, Americas and Asia. He has authored near 85 papers on refractories and his leading-edge refractories research continues to develop enhanced alumina products at Almatis. Dr Buhr presented to the gathered audience on Mineralogy in Refractories and the continued value of phase diagrams in research excellence. He in turn took the opportunity to honour his PhD thesis advisors – Eduard Wörmann and Manfred Koltermann – who guided his development as a young researcher of high alumina castables.

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