Currently Biggest Contract for TRIMET Automotive Safeguards the Future as well as Jobs

A total of some 850 employees produce high-quality die-cast components for the automotive, electrical and machine construction industries in Harzgerode/DE. Among other things, TRIMET Automotive supplies engine blocks, transmission components, chassis parts and structural elements for well-known automobile brands. Starting next year, TRIMET Harzgerode will produce up to 1 million finished aluminium clutch housings annually for a well-known transmission manufacturer.

These are integrated into vehicles manufactured by BMW, Daimler and Renault. The project is the largest individual contract to date for the medium-sized company. The aluminum foundry in Harzgerode is one of two production locations run by TRIMET Automotive. The company will expand the foundry this year, creating space for the subsequent processing of the technically highly sophisticated cast components. On the premises of the training workshop, a new hall measuring approximately 6500 m2 is being built. Here, SCHLOTE/DE, a strategic partner, will mechanically process the cast component parts. The SCHLOTE GRUPPE, founded in 1969 to mechanically process cast parts, is now an internationally sought-after development partner and series supplier in the automotive and supply industry, as well as for foundry technology, and employs a total staff of 1500 at nine locations. The company has developed into an ever-expanding global specialist for the processing of complex engine, chassis and transmission components.

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