RHI Magnesita – New Branding and Logo for a Common Corporate Culture

Chairman of the Directors Board Herbert Cordt and CEO Stefan Borgas have opened the market at the London Stock Exchange on 30 October 2017. It was communicated as a start of a new corporate culture and a new branding combined with a new logo. Repositioning in the market and integration are seen as next major steps The new company with more than 14 000 employees has risen to the top of the refractory industry as result of the combination and plans to strengthen and further expand this role. RHI Magnesita product portfolio comprises more than 120 000 individual refractory products. In addition, RHI Magnesita invests more than any other competitor in production and service innovations every year, focused at the two main R&D Centres in Leoben/AT and Contagem/BR.
In the integration, the management of RHI Magnesita builds on collaborative, cross-functional work for the benefit of the customers. The new RHI Magnesita brand and the new logo are intended to help to build a bridge for the employees of the two companies.The positioning of the brand is based on three pillars:

  • Global presence: Thanks to its great geographic reach, RHI Magnesita is in a position to supply and service customers around the world to ensure supply continuity even under challenging circumstances.
  • Innovation: The company drives innovation in all segments; this equally refers to materials, automation, big data and new business models.
  • Mindset: The employees of RHI Magnesita act customer-focused and innovatively. They are open to change and new ideas.

The new logo and the visual system based on it consist of a horizontal eight, the symbol of infinity, and the shapes of refractory bricks. The RHI Magnesita brand stands for the continuity of commitment and service, the connection of employees and customers around the world and the underlying solidity of refractory products.
RHI Magnesita serves more than 10 000 customers in nearly all countries around the world. The combined company generated pro forma EUR 2,5 billion in revenues in the financial year 2016.


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