Eredi Scabini and Henze Signed a Cooperation Agreement

Eredi Scabini S.r.l., a well-known Italian manufacturer of refractory products, and the German-based Henze BNP AG, specialist for boron-nitride products, signed a strategic cooperation agreement for the development and distribution of boron-nitride coatings.? Increasing aluminium component requirements, such as weight reduction or increased load-bearing capacity, necessitates special alloys and casting processes in cast aluminium. Simultaneously, this development requires new solutions in the field of refractory products and their protection with special coatings. As an answer to this challenge, the Eredi Scabini/Henze cooperation will bundle both companies’ know-how and their many years of experience to offer customised solutions and an optimal service to their customers. Particular, in the areas of product development and global distribution, both companies will cooperate closely. The products, primarily ceramic coatings with a high share of boron nitride, will be distributed by Eredi Scabini under the brand name BEcoat® WB.

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