1st Call for Papers: International Symposium on New Advances and Innovation in Corrosion of Refractory Ceramics

MS&T 18 will take place 14–18 October 2018 at the Columbus Convention Center/US. The symposium will highlight new testing and characterization methods, new calculation and simulation methods, and the unique challenges related to the corrosion of refractory ceramic materials in industrial service environments such as iron and steel. Additional service environments (aluminium, cement, glass, non-ferrous, etc.) may also be explored. The impacts of corrosion on the quality of finished products in these industries will also be considered. The symposium will be a joint effort between the American Ceramic Society – Refractory Ceramics Division (ACerS–RCD), the Federation for International Refractory Research and Education (FIRE), and The Refractories Institute (TRI), represented by an organizer from each group: James Hemrick, Reno Refractories; Michel Rigaud, École Polytechnique, Montréal; and William Headrick, Missouri Refractories. Proceeding papers will be due in September 2018 to be published in a Ceramic Transactions volume through Wiley Publishing. Abstracts (in 150 words) due on 15 March 2018 will be submitted through the MS&T 18 website at matscitech.org.

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