Tenova and SMS Concast Built New Steel Making Plant for More Efficient Steel Production Process

A new steel making plant, belonging to Chadormalu Mining & Industrial Co. (CMIC) and built on technological supplies and engineering provided by Tenova in consortium with SMS Concast, has been successfully started up in Ardakan, Yazd Province, in central Iran. The order to Tenova was placed by Engineering and Commercial Services GmbH (CPG), in partnership with Parsland Mines & Industries Development Company (PAMIDCO). The plant, fed with DRI pellets, is equipped with a 170-t Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) and Ladle Furnace (LF) provided by Tenova and a 6-strand continuous caster provided by SMS Concast. The plant has provision for future installation of a vacuum degasser that will allow production of special steel grades for both internal use and export. Tenova EAF, designed to produce yearly 1,2 Mt billet from cold DRI, is equipped with a 160-MVA transformer and a chemical package with a total rated flow of 10 000 Nm3/h. The EAF, currently processing a mix of cold DRI and scrap, was designed to process hot DRI directly charged from the plant’s Iron reduction reactor at a temperature up to 600 °C, with an estimated productivity increase of 30 % against the design target. When the hot DRI charging system will be in place, Tenova EAF is expected to be the 1st furnace in Iran to produce steel through this process. This greenfield project was developed with a strong co-operation with local subcontractors, who supplied steel structures, distribution network and auxiliary equipment following Tenova basic engineering. Parts of the EAF and LF were also built in Iran based on Tenova detailed engineering.


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