Sulzer Chemtech and SGL Group Extend their Cooperation Related to Column Internals

Sulzer Chemtech/DE, market leader for separation and mixing technology, and SGL Group/DE, a worldwide leading manufacturer of carbon made products, are expanding their cooperation in the field of column internals based on SGL’s carbon fiber composite materials (CFC) going by the brand name SIGRABOND®. Carbon and graphite products are used whenever other materials such as steel, aluminum, copper or plastic fail due to their limited material properties like for example temperature and corrosion resistance. In addition to the CFC structured packing that has already been marketed successfully under the Sulzer brand name MellaCarbonTM, the existing CFC column internals portfolio – mainly support systems – is now completed with liquid distributors, collectors and feed pipes made of SIGRABOND®. In recent months, more than 30 new CFC liquid distributors have been designed, manufactured and successfully commissioned for industrial applications – often with the associated MellaCarbonTM packings, support grids and feed tubes. This is the first time that a complete family of CFC based column internals has been made available to customers of the cooperation partners worldwide. The often-difficult combination of materials, especially for corrosive applications, is no longer necessary. 

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