Fully Automatic Glass Recycling Plant in GCC

The plans for the first fully automated glass recycling plant within the GCC at Sohar, Sultanate of Oman i.e. National Glass Recycling Co. SAOC was presented during glasstech 2018. This glass recycling plant has a capacity of 650 t/d and is expected to be operational by the end of 2019.

The glass recycling plant is specifically designed to meet the needs of various glass manufacturers within the GCC region in terms of specifications, volumes and pricing. The glass recycling technology is an exclusive and patented technology from Glass-Scan Technologies, who have the rights, the proprietary know-how and strategic industry partners to support the implementation of the legal frame, support the introduction of glass recycling to the public, arrange and operate waste glass collection, build and operate a recycling glass plant and control and manage all relevant data. The   equipment is manufactured and supplied by Binder/AT, who specialize in Recycling equipment. National Glass Recycling Co. SAOC have confirmed long term import agreements for the broken glass i.e. raw materials and export sales agreements with glass manufacturers, which has ensured the pre-booking of the capacities well in advance.

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