Refractory Linings from STEULER

Capability, efficiency, durability, and service are the values that the German company STEULER sums up for its linings under the term performance. To live up to this claim, the company directs its focus on the continuous further development of the refractory products and portfolio it offers while, at the same time, keeping an eye on improving its customers’ production processes and products.

In the scope of another increase in its capacity, STEULER widened the range of products offered and at the same time offers the full service of an integrated refractory company starting with the development of tailor made products, the engineering of high performance linings designed to the specifications of the process they have to withstand up to the quality controlled production of the materials and the state-of-the-art installation of the linings.

Refractory linings play an important role in any industrial process, where high temperatures are involved. Not only can one expect thermal, mechanical and chemical stability, tailor made for the application it is designed for. Much more, one has to rely on it, to withstand the challenges of the production at any time. “We Deliver Safety” means safety for the people working in an environment of dangerous temperatures. “We Deliver Safety” means security that the lined equipment is available to fulfil the goals of the production itself. “We Deliver Safety” means that customers working with STEULER can be sure to be on the front end of innovation. “We Deliver Safety” also means that in everything the company does, it acts for the sake of a sustainable environment.

With the introduction of the RECOVERY range of products, STEULER linings have set new standards of circular thinking for a changing world. Preserving valuable resources by bringing new life to used products is the driving force of the RECOVERY idea, where secondary raw materials are processed in an unprecedented recycling process to produce first class refractory products with the focus on its performance.

STEULER exhibits its products at GIFA in Hall 10, stand D18.

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