RHI Magnesita @ METEC 2019: Innovation to 1200 °C and Beyond

Let’s overtake time. Visit RHI Magnesita at one of the world's largest metallurgic trade fairs from 25 to 29 June in Dusseldorf/DE and experience how we take you into the future.

Your industry is probably as old as ours. We would not exist without you and vice versa. We are welded together. Partners in the fight against heat. And in order to remain competitive, we also have to fight time together. Staying on the ball, constantly innovating, the train towards the future is increasingly picking up speed and those who did not jump on board long ago have lost. Every year, RHI Magnesita invests more than EUR 70 million in research and development and the implementation of these findings by its customers. Neither of us can afford any delay. The first step towards overtaking time with us: Visit us at our booth at METEC and take a journey into the future. Let us show you how we do Refractories 4.0.

RHI Magnesita is the global leading supplier of high-grade refractory products, systems and services which are indispensable for industrial high-temperature processes exceeding 1200 °C in a wide range of industries, including steel, cement, non-ferrous metals, and glass, among others. With a vertically integrated value chain, from raw materials to refractory products and full performance-based solutions, RHI Magnesita serves more than 10 000 customers in nearly all countries around the world. The company has unmatched geographic diversification with more than 14 000 employees in 35 main production sites and more than 70 sales offices. RHI Magnesita intends to use its global leadership position in terms of revenue, greater scale, complementary product portfolio and diversified geographic presence around the world to target opportunistically those countries and regions benefitting from more dynamic economic growth prospects.

For more information please visit: rhimagnesita.com

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