INDUSTRIE REFRATTARI – Italian Refractory Products

INDUSTRIE REFRATTARI s.r.l. is a company specialized in the production of refractories based in Italy. Its internal technological know-how, from production to installation, allows the company to offer the best technical solutions based on the individual needs of its customers.

This particular attention translates into a flexible production that offers quick and punctual solutions to specific requests. Furthermore, the validation of the production process and the continuous confirmation of supplies by its partners are the most important indicators of an undisputed quality. Using the solutions offered by INDUSTRIE REFRATTARI, does not mean buying only products, but also taking advantage of a complete service thanks to the help of competent professionals. This is the company´s ability to provide efficient, reliable and safe solutions over time. With its knowledge, engineering and continuous research of technical solutions, INDUSTRIE REFRATTARI  is able to design and develop modern refractories on different technological systems. All this because the company wants to create and develop new products that are increasingly innovative, to follow the changing market needs. In addition to pure refractory lining, it is able to develop complete turnkey systems, using engineering studies and industrial carpentry to provide a complete design and engineering service.

INDUSTRIE REFRATTARI wants to position itselve on the market to become an even more valid and above all reliable partner for its customers, facing together the long road that leads to quality, long since ground of hard technological comparison and which will become increasingly important in the near future. INDUSTRIE REFRATTARI is exhibiting its products and technology in Hall 10, D 68.

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