VELCO – Specialist for Repair of Refractory Linings

In the early 1970th VELCO supplied the first machine for the repair of the refractory lining. Today, more than 1200 of the well-proven Rotamat gunning machines are in use worldwide.


These rotor type gunning machines are robust, mobile, easy to handle and can be used for all kind of common gunning materials. For the application of modern concretes with low cement content VELCO developed the GUNMIX® moistening system. Here the gunning water is dispersed in the mixing nozzle by compressed air into finest particles. This guarantees a homogenous mixture of the gunning compound which is then applied with nearly no dust and only low rebound. For bigger amounts resp. for the efficient refractory repair of electric arc furnaces, converter, ladles etc. in hot condition VELCO also offers pressure vessel machines and gunning manipulators.

As novelty, VELCO shows on its booth in Hall 5, C03 a remote access module which allows to call worldwide  – simply with a smartphone, table or PC – for machine data, e.g. operation hours, flow rates, water pressure, operational condition, fault messages and even the location of the machine.

Rotamat 32f gunmix

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