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Eirich at ceramitec 2022: Focusing on Green Hydrogen, Digitization, and Efficient and Sustainable Preparation Methods

As a very energy-intensive industry, the ceramic industry is particularly shaped by the energy transformation that is currently under way. Consequently, this industry is particularly dependent upon competitive and sustainable production methods. It is closely interlinked with almost every branch of industry. For many decades Eirich has offered top technologies for the preparation of raw materials and compounds in the ceramic industry. At this year’s ceramitec – the world’s leading trade fair for the ceramic industry – Eirich will be presenting innovations and technologies that are designed to enable more cost-effective production despite the ongoing rises in energy prices.

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CESAREF: Concentrated European Action on Sustainable Applications of Refractories

The European I&S industry has numerous decarbonisation projects in the works, at various levels of technical readiness, either on the Smart Carbon Usage and/or the Direct Carbon Avoidance technological pathways. By dealing with energy efficiency through new refractory materials and technologies, the CESAREF network will target research topics not presently covered.

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CEO Alessandro Dazza Inaugurated the First Imerys Synthetic Minerals Pilot Plant

Imerys/FR inaugurated on 24 May  2022 a new pilot unit project that enables the molding of very high-performance minerals. The unit is located in its Lyon Technology Center/FR, which specializes, amongst other things, in high-temperature materials and has benefited from an investment of EUR 1 million. This process, unique in the world, was developed thanks to scientific and technical partnerships with the universities of Bordeaux and Toulouse and has generated twenty patents.

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26th International Congress on Glass (ICG2022) in Germany

Following the first joint meeting of German and British Societies of Glass Technology (DGG and SGT) in Aachen/DE (1928), the International Commission on Glass (ICG) was set on stage in Venice/IT, 1933, to celebrate the cosmopolitan spirit that has always been at the heart of our community of scientists, technologists, engineers and, sometimes, artists. 2022 will mark the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the DGG, an excellent occasion and a high motivation to organize and host the 26th International Congress on Glass (ICG2022) 3–8 July in Berlin/DE.

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ALAFAR 2022 Conference will be held from 7–12 November 2022, in Foz do Iguaçu/BR, home to one of the most beautiful and preserved waterfalls in the world. The ALAFAR Conferences have been successfully organized to cover the state-of-the-art of refractory technology and applications.The theme chosen for ALAFAR 2022 was “Refractories for a Sustainable Future,” addressing the big challenges that the refractory industry has to face today and the related environmental impacts.

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Plibrico Supports ELYSIS in Launch of World’s First Zero-Carbon Aluminum Smelter Technology

The Plibrico Company/US, a leading supplier of monolithic refractories and installation services, announced its refractories are being used by ELYSIS/CA to safeguard the operation of the world’s first carbon-free aluminum smelter. ELYSIS is a joint venture between Alcoa/US and Rio Tinto Group/GB that is financially supported by Apple/US as part of its Green Bonds program. ELYSIS smelting technology takes the novel approach of leveraging an inert anode that eliminates all Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, emitting instead only pure oxygen as its by-product.

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Summer School on ECO-Design of Refractories

ECO-design of refractories; E for Ecological, Economic, Eco-energetic will be organized from 28–30 June in Aachen/DE, under the aegis of the European Ceramic Society (ECerS) and the Refractory Research and Education (FIRE). This event, open to all: students, PhD students, researchers, young engineers and technicians, experts, etc. is planned both face-to-face and virtual. The courses will be given by 21 international experts, academics and industry (in equal proportion). 

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ABB and Tenova Receive Final Acceptance from Acciaieria Arvedi for Consteerrer®

Leading metals industry suppliers ABB/SE and Tenova/IT have now obtained final acceptance from their customer Acciaieria Arvedi/IT, after partnering to deliver an innovative technology package, enabling optimal charging, melting and electromagnetic stirring for the world’s highest-yielding EAF. The powerful solution combines a Tenova Consteel® EAF continuous scrap charging system with Consteerrer®, a model of the well-established ABB ArcSave® electromagnetic stirrer designed specifically continuous charging EAF systems. The record-breaking electric arc furnace has a 300-t tapping size and utilizes a charge mix which include Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI). It was installed to meet the demand for increased output following the recent revamp of the continuous endless strip production (Arvedi-ESP) casting and rolling mill line at the plant.

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9th EOSC + 6th CLEAN TECH 2022 in Germany

9th EOSC + 6th CLEAN TECH will take place from 17–21 October 2022 in Aachen/DE. The 9th European Oxygen Steelmaking Conference (EOSC) series is organized in turn by one of the European Metallurgical Societies and Associations and is combined with the 6th Conference on Clean Technologies.

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