New Partnership Provides Value for Refractory Customers in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Furthering its commitment to providing value to refractory customers, the Plibrico Company, a global leader in monolithic refractory technology, announced its new partnership with Fire Brick Engineers. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin/US. Fire Brick Engineers is a single-source refractory provider dedicated to supplying customers with innovative, high-temperature refractory solutions. Fire Brick Engineers will be the Plibrico Company’s exclusive distributor in the Minnesota and Wisconsin regions.

Highly skilled and serving the thermal processing industry since 1935, Fire Brick Engineers repairs and/or replaces all types of refractory materials used in ferrous, non-ferrous, heat treat, forging, boiler and industrial applications. The partnership provides industrial thermal processors in the region local access to Plibrico’s high quality refractory materials coupled with exceptional refractory services from Fire Brick Engineers.

“Fire Brick Engineer’s values and Plibrico’s values are strongly aligned – we both strive to be the best choice for our customers and build long-term relationships. The net result for customers is reduced risk, improved operational uptime, lowered maintenance costs, and maximum energy efficiencies,” said Brad Taylor, President and CEO of the Plibrico Company. Fire Brick Engineers will join Plibrico’s global network of seasoned refractory distribution specialists offering Plibrico-branded, high-quality refractories, along with single-source installation and repair services.

“Fire Brick Engineers will have full access to Plibrico’s knowledgeable engineering services and will receive collaborative assistance in materials specification that will prove highly valuable to our joint customers,” said Michael Skatter, General Manager of Fire Brick Engineers.

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