Alteo Implements a New Logistics Center in France to Serve Europe

Alteo/FR, worldwide player in specialty alumina, will open, in 2020, a new logistics center in the Northern part of France. The new facility will help refractory manufacturers in their daily operations: availability of finished products (stocks of calcined and reactive alumina), quick delivery time and new logistic offer. It will simplify their management of alumina and thus bring serenity at production level.

The logistics center will ramp up from 2020 and will be at full capacity by the end of 2021. Refractory manufacturers in the North of Europe will be served in priority. This opening is part of Alteo’s strategy to ensure a flexible supply by being closer to customers and so helping them preparing the future. With this logistics center, Alteo shows once again its commitment to ensure a first class service; a local sales team, a fully dedicated technical support for refractory applications and a plant located in the southern part of France highlights Alteo’s capacity to be refractory specialists’ partner in business.

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