Seminar “REFRACTORIES – Key Technology and its Applications”

The seminar “REFRACTORIES – Key Technology and its Applications” at the European Centre for Refractories in Germany, is endorsed by the European Refractories Producers Federation PRE and will be held from 3–5 September 2019 in Höhr-Grenzhausen/DE. 

The three-days seminar consists of two major parts. In the first part of 1,5 days, the basic science of refractories is being explained by professionals from research and education. During the second part, experts from industries that rely on refractories (like iron- and steelmaking, cement, glass, foundries, incineration, etc.) explain the use and damage mechanisms of refractories in their very industries.

Thus, the seminar is intended to give a broad overview on the science and the applications of refractories. It addresses engineers and technicians who come into contact with refractories for the first time, as well as commercial employees who work at refractory producers or refractory user industries. The seminar basically touches “everything you ever wanted to know about refractories”. Language of this year’s seminar is English.

The programme is available at ECREF:


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