State-of-the-Art Refractory Linings for Float Glass Furnaces

Bernhard Schmalenbach1, Rongxing Bei1, Amul Gupta2, S. Postrach3

1 RHI AG, Industrial Division, Wiesbaden, Germany
2 RHI Monofrax Ltd., Falconer, USA
3 RHI AG, Industrial Division, Wiesbaden, Germany


Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 80 - 83


A high quality refractory lining is essential for the production of float glass, especially when the stringent requirements on manufacturers such as product quality, energy consumption and furnace lifetime are taken into consideration.In this article the lining options for float glass furnaces have been described.


refractory lining options, float glass furnaces, energy consumption



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