The Impact of Different Additive Systems upon the Properties of a High Purity Low Cement Castable

Genine Assis, Chris Parr, Herve Fryda, Jean-Michel Auvray

Kerneos SA, Paris, France


Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 58 - 63


Modern dense refractory castables can be built around a variety of matrix compositions depending on the final usage  haracteristics required. These matrix compositions use a variety of fine reactive fillers such as alumina, spinel and fume silica inconjunction with calcium aluminate cement and additives. Each of these components presents a different series of formulationchallenges for the refractory producer, not least of which is the optimisation of placing properties whilst achieving the targetinstalled properties. Additives play an important role in determining the rheological behaviour and setting characteristicsof these systems. This paper will review additives used in three castable systems, namely alumina-silica, alumina-spinel andalumina-alumina and the mechanisms that determine their effectiveness.


refractory castables, reactive fillers, calcium aluminate cement, additives, setting characteristics



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