Additives for High Purity Reduced Cement Castables

C. Parr, G. Assis, H. Fryda, S. Li

Kerneos SA, 92521 Neuilly sur Seine, France


Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 87 - 92


This paper presents a study into new, cost effective additive systems that yield high fluidity, low water demand and a rapid gain in early strength in high purity alumina LCC systems. Placing properties can be modulated between vibration, tamping and self-flow consistencies through small adjustments in water addition and without the need for specific formulation optimisations. The effect of different dosages of these new additives together with various types of reactive alumina is investigated in conjunction with the optimization of the water demand, flow and hardening properties. Results are compared with other additive systems.


alumina, low cement castables, placing properties, additives, water demand, flow properties, hardening properties



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