Unshaped Refractories

Rudolf Krebs

53757 Sankt Augustin, Germany


Volume 2, Issue 1, Pages 93 - 96


Producers, customers, engineering and installing companies are in urgent need of unified, internationally valid test procedures for obtaining figures and values of properties of unshaped refractories. Without such standards no "true" data sheets of existingproducts and no real worldwide comparison of product data can be made. Decisions regarding acceptance or refusal of  deliveries to job sites depend on applied  standards and can often end in unpleasant, time-consuming, costly and redundantdiscussions and trouble between involved parties. And last but not least, international standards are important, too, for improvingand developing products. This paper is intended as a contribution to the objective of agreeing internationally valid standards as quickly as possible.


unshaped refractories,testing, standardization



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