Advantages of Liquid Phosphate Bonded Refractories

J. Decker

Stellar Material Incorporated, Ann Arbor, MI 48103, USA


Volume 2, Issue 1, Pages 89 - 92


Liquid phosphate bonded refractories are two-component monolithic products with a binder system belonging to the class of acid-base cements. In the last 15 years liquid phosphate bonded LPB refractories have found wide acceptance as furnace linings in industries like aluminium, power generation and hydrocarbon processing due to the unique characteristics of this material group. LPB refractories show setting characteristics at ambient temperatures and are available for different installation methods such as casting, pumping or gunning and therefore are not just restricted to ramming applications like heat setting mono-aluminium-phosphate (MALP) based products. In this article properties of LPB refractory materials, including non wettingagainst molten aluminum, fast heat-up and dry-out, bond to existing refractory materials and CO- resistance, are discussed based on documented scientific theory and real world industrial applications.



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