Clayey Diatomite from a Deposit in Central Greece – A Multifunctional Raw Material for Absorption and Insulation

Dr G.N. Georgiades1, Professor M.G. Stamatakis2

1 KTIMET SA, Thessaloniki, Greece
2 National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Department of Geology & Geoenvironment, 15784 Athens, Greece


Volume 2, Issue 1, Pages 82 - 88


A sedimentary Upper Miocene succession discovered in Central Greece is mainly composed of clay minerals and diatom frustules. Homogeneous, finegrained material found in layers over 40 m thick was chemically and mineralogically characterized,and then tested on laboratory and semi-industrial scale as raw material for absorbents and for the production of insulationbricks and lightweight aggregates (LWA). The results obtained were promising for all the applications tested. The reservesof the sedimentary rock are estimated at several million tonnes, sufficient for mining operations for all three applications over aperiod of more than 20 years.


raw material, clayey diatomite, absorption, lightweight, aggregates, insulation



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