ER 2001 SLX – Very Low Exudation AZS Product for Glass Furnace Superstructures

I. Cabodi, M. Gaubil, C. Morand


Volume 3, Issue 2, Pages 83 - 86


Fused-cast refractories are widely used in superstructure of sodalime- silica glass furnaces due to their high resistance to corrosion by the furnace’s atmosphere. However, the exudation of the vitreous phase of AZS refractories, at high temperatures, can lead to the formation of defects in the glass, especially during furnace’s start-up. The ability of the furnace to digest these inclusions may be not sufficient to avoid production losses for glassmakers. To solve this problem, a new fused cast AZS refractory named ER 2001 SLX has been developed. It offers a zero exudation level under typical glass furnace operating conditions and maintains or enhances all other positive characteristics of fused-cast AZS.



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