High Emissivity Coatings – Do they Really Work?

Jim W. Stendera, Sam Bonsall

Vesuvius R&D Center, 44815 Bettsville, OH/USA


Volume 4, Issue 1, Pages 067 - 072


There is little doubt that the subject of emissivity and what effect ithas on the thermal efficiency of practical industrial furnaces is a matterof some confusion and contention. This paper sets out to discussthe theoretical effect of furnace lining emissivity on the heating rate ofa load and through experimentation with a lab scale steel reheat furnaceto confirm the calculations and demonstrate the practical result.


thermal efficiency, industrial furnaces, emissivity


[1] Lienhard IV., J.H.; Lienhard V., J.H.: A Heat Transfer Textbook. 3rd Ed. Cambridge, MA, 2008


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