Repair Action of Refractory Linings in High Temperature Reactors

Hartmut Kern1, Urs-Peter Steiner2, Rudolf Krebs3

1 Rath GmbH, 01662 Meißen/Germany
2 Steiner Engineering, 41747 Viersen/Germany
3 53757 Sankt Augustin/Germany


Volume 4, Issue 2, Pages 101 - 105


Over the last years repair operations in several plants and facilities (e.g. chemical plants, incineration and gasification plants) were realized, which still are permanently in operation. In this paper the authors describe some examples of efficient repairs on refractory linings of different high temperature reactors (HTR).


emergency repairs, muxing, plastic fibermastic, pre-fabricated shapes


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[2] Routschka G., Krebs R., Hombach K.: Influence of moisture pick-up on the strength of refractory products. Interceram 35 (1986) [5] 31–35


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