Castables with Improved Corrosion Resistance Based upon a Novel Calcium Aluminate Cement

C.Wöhrmeyer, C. Parr, H. Fryda, J. M. Auvray, S. Li

Kerneos SA, 92521 Neuilly sur Seine/France


Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 99 - 105


This paper investigates the application of a new calcium magnesium aluminate (CMA) cement to dense castable formulations for steelmaking refractories. The basis of this new calcium magnesium aluminate cement is a novel multiphase clinker with a microstructure of CA phases embedded in a matrix of microcrystalline magnesium aluminate spinel crystals. Model systems based upon alumina-spinel and hybrid alumina-magnesia- spinel castables together with the new cement are investigated with respect to their placing properties, thermomechanical performance and corrosion resistance to steel-making slags. Coupling the new cement with polycarboxylate ether additives gives rise to castables which present optimal placing properties without the difficulties often associated with use of magnesia in castables. Using this novel CMA as a binder in different types of ladle castables has shown significant improvements in corrosion and penetration resistance with a wide range of slag compositions compared to reference castables.


calcium magnesium aluminate cement formulations, steel-making refractories


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