Nanobond – the New Cement Free Castable for Quick Lining and Fast Repairing*

Uwe Kremer1, Thomas Schemmel2, Helge Jansen2, Bertram Kesselheim2

1 TRIMET ALUMINIUM AG, 45356 Essen/Germany
2 Refratechnik Steel GmbH 40549 Düsseldorf/Germany


Volume 4, Issue 4, Pages 89 - 92


During the last decades monolithic refractories have been improved and further developed. Consequently, the amount of monolithic products on the world wide refractory market increases year by year. Nevertheless, one main drawback by using such materials is the long and complex curing and drying phase of cement bonded castables. Besides cooling down of the kiln and its repair, the heating-up procedure takes the longest time of the shutdown. In order to reduce such expensive downtimes Refratechnik developed a unique and novel product series: Nanobond. These materials can be heated up very fast and very safe. This paper argues theoretical aspects, as well as it reports on the mechanical and physical properties. This work is complemented with different examples and a practical experience report in order to demonstrate the potential.


cement free castables, Nanobond


[1] Routschka, G.; Wuthnow, H.: Pocket manual refractory materials. 3rd Ed., Essen 2008


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