Development and Deployment of Shotcrete Refractories for Aluminium Rotary Furnace Application

James G. Hemrick1, Angela Rodrigues-Schroer2, Dominick Colavito2, Jeffrey D. Smith3, Kelley O’Hara3

1 Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge TN, 37831-6069/USA
2 Minteq International Inc., Easton, PA, 18042/USA
3 Missouri University of Science and Technology,Rolla MO, 65409-0330/USA


Volume 5, Issue 1, Pages 73 - 78


Work was performed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in the United States, in collaboration with the industrial refractory manufacturer Minteq International, Inc. (MINTEQ), academic research partnerMissouri University of Science and Technology (MS&T) and end users to employ novel refractory systems and techniques to reduce energy consumption of refractory lined vessels found in the aluminum industry. The project aim was to address factors that limit the applicability of currently available refractory materials such as chemical attack, mechanical degradation, use temperature, and installation or repair issues. To this end, as part of the overall project, shotcretable refractory compositions were developed based on alumino-silicate based structures utilizing new aggregate materials, bond systems, protective coatings, and phase formation techniques for use in rotary dross furnaces. Additionally a shotcretable high strength insulating back-up lining material was also developed for use in this and other applications. Development efforts, materials validation, and results from industrial validation trials are discussed.


shotcrete, aluminum, rotary, furnace


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