Non-oxidic Binding Systems of Refractory Products for Metal Melts

Werner Schoenwelski, Jens Sperber, Markus Bay

Steuler-KCH GmbH, 56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen/Germany


Volume 5, Issue 3, Pages 73 -76


Decreased wear of silicon carbide bricks in a copper cathode furnace was observed during use as a result of in situ formation of oxinitrides. Different wetting behaviors of metal melts against nonoxidic materials (nitrides, SiC, carbon) were studied by experimental crucible test. Suitable combinations of ferrous and mainly non-ferrous metal melts and corresponding non-oxidic binders/additions have to be found experimentally and in practical application.


nitride bond, anti-wetting, non-ferrous metals


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