The Value of Additives in Refractory Castables – Part 2: Castables with Silica Fume

Dagmar Schmidtmeier1, Andreas Buhr1, Zhongkai Tian2, Dale Zacherl3, Sebastian Klaus4, Jerry Dutton5

1 Almatis GmbH, 67065 Ludwigshafen/Germany
2 Qingdao Almatis Co. Ltd., Huangdao/CN
3 Almatis Inc., Leetsdale/US
4 GeoZentrum Nordbayern, Erlangen/DE
5 Stourbridge/GB


Volume 6, Issue 4, Pages 51 - 60


Part 1 of this paper covered low cement refractory castables without silica fume. These included tabular alumina and spinel based materials for the highest temperature applications. However, silica fume is widely used as a fine filler in low cement castables for intermediate and high temperature applications. The use of fine matrix fillers requires the addition of additives for homogeneous dispersion of the fine particles during wet mixing (refractories WORLDFORUM 6 (2014) [3] 75). Part 2 of this paper compares the performance of traditional and modern additive concepts in silica fume castables with regard to additive dosage, storage stability of the dry mix, flow properties, working and setting time and also the strength development during curing.


additives, castables, dispersion


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