Improvement of Refractory Castables with an Innovative Calcium Aluminate Binder System

Nikolaus Kreuels1, Holger Schaffhauser1, Doug Ostrander2, Robert Stacy2

1 Calucem GmbH, Mannheim/Germany
2 Calucem Inc.,Allentown, PA/USA


Volume 7, Issue 4, Pages 88 - 94


The properties and performances of refractory castables depend not only on the type and amount of calcium aluminate cement (CAC) that is used, but is greatly influenced by the interaction between the cement and the chosen aggregates for a given system. The cement interacts not only with the fine aggregates, but also with reaction partners that may be present in the binder system such as alumina, microsilica as well as various admixtures. The optimization of this complex system is essential for the rheological setting and refractory properties of the castable.


castables, Ca-aluminate binder system, calcium aluminate cements


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